Shark Week 2020: A Full Guide to This Year's Specials

Shark Week 2020 kicks off at 8 p.m. ET on Sunday, August 9 on Discovery Channel. Here’s a full guide to all 24 hours of this year’s programming.
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You Can Now Sleep Next to a Walrus in an Underwater Hotel Room

Ever dream of sleeping next to a walrus? A resort in Belgium let’s you do just that. Pairi Daiza Resort in Brugelette has over 100 rooms with personal views into the zoo’s animal habitats, including a room that looks right into a walrus tank.
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A Dog's Noseprint Is As Unique As A Human's Fingerprint

A dog's noseprint can be used as identification.
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More Pets As A Baby, Means Fewer Allergies As An Adult

Studies have found that having a pet early in life protects from allergies later on. Researchers at University of Gothenburg , Sweden also looked at children who grew up with more than one pet in their home to see if more animals increased immunity. They found, it did! Kids who grew up on a farm,...
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Taking Your Dog For A Ride Is Just Another Distraction

A new study conducted by Volvo found that having your dog in the car, and not restrained, is yet another cause for concern when it comes to distracted driving. Allowing pets to roam unrestrained while driving led to significantly more unsafe driving behaviors, more time distracted and increased...
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Add Miniature Horses To The List Of Service Animals Approved For Air Travel

Miniature horses are among the service animals approved to take on flights, according to new guidelines provided Thursday (8/15/19) by the federal government. While service animals on airplanes has been highly debated over recent years, especially when the animal is a little exotic, the U.S...
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The Emotional Support Animal Phenomenon Has Gotten Out Of Control

I understand how therapeutic animals can be. My cat and I get along famously. My wife and her horse have an unbelievable bond. Most pet owners can attest to the same. And for some people who have had traumatic experiences, the right dog can help them cope with daily life, where they wouldn't be...
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WATCH: Bizarre Lion Escape Drill At Japanese Zoo

It would stand to reason that zoos would have some kind of contingency plan, if one of their dangerous animals were to escape its enclosure. At a zoo in Japan, they even have a drill should one of the lions get out. Although, even the real lions appear a little confused about what's happening here...
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New York Closer To Cat Declawing Ban

New York lawmakers passed a bill that would impose a $1000 fine on veterinarians who perform the cruel procedure.
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International Respect For Chickens Day Is Saturday

Saturday, May 4th, is International Respect For Chickens Day . We have chickens that wander around our neighborhood. I don't really know whose chickens they are, but I don't discourage them from coming around. That's because they are beneficial in a number of ways: They eat ticks and other pests!...
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