Cats Recognize The Sound Of Their Names

Researchers in Japan say they've discovered that cats actually understand their names when they hear it. Atsuko Saito of Sophia University in Tokyo says there's no evidence that cats attach meaning to our words, whether it's their name or anything else, like "get off the counter". Instead, they've...
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Casper The Friendly Cat

Casper is an absolute love! He’s a quiet, gentle, affectionate boy who is feeling overwhelmed by his active household. He’s very sweet, really appreciates affection and his favorite thing to do is curl up on a lap. He lost some vision when he was young but gets around just fine. He’s looking for a...
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Estie Needs A Family

Meet Estie! This sweet 2-year-old Lab/Hound mix is a sociable, curious, even-tempered gal, with a playful and sunny disposition. She takes well to training and is eager to please! Estie is still looking for a fun-loving and active family to go exploring with on walks and hikes. At the end of the...
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Our Companions: Volunteer Opportunity

Are you obsessed with cats or dogs? Are you looking for a fun way to give back to your community? Volunteering at Our Companions Animal Shelter would be PERFECT for you! There are many different ways to be involved. Want to cuddle kitties? Play with puppies? Represent Our Companions at events? Help...
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Here's Why Your Cat Likes To Sleep On Your Bed

If your cat likes to sleep on your bed, whether you like it or not, there's probably a good reason. Not the least of which is your cat obviously loves you. This is even more true if your cat likes to sleep on your bed, while you're in it! It's also comfortable. There's no doubt you've noticed how...
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New Study Finds That Dogs Lie to Get What They Want

According to a new study, your dog could be totally playing you.
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