Area 51

'Storm Area 51' Creator Has Cancelled the Alienstock Music Festival

Alienstock , the festival thrown together in an attempt to capitalize on the viral, Storm Area 51 Facebook event, has been cancelled. Perhaps it was a lack of permits, or the threats from the people of Rachel, Nevada, but organizer Matty Roberts has decided to end plans for the extraterrestrial...
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The 'Storm Area 51' Event Has Turned Into the Alienstock Music Festival

Maybe they can stop us all. The viral “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop Us All” event that surged on Facebook, inviting people to meet up and attempt to “move faster than their bullets” to “see them aliens” has transformed into something slightly more feasible. Slightly. Introducing Alienstock . From...
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Feds Warn People Not To Storm Area 51

A facebook event that popped up recently asking people to storm Area 51 in Nevada has gained serious momentum in the days since. Area 51 is the notorious location that has been rumored to be the location where the U.S. Air Force has taken captured UFO's and some have even claimed that actual aliens...
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