If You Drive An Expensive Car, You're Probably A Jerk

The more expensive the car, the less likely the driver is to yield to pedestrians.
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Is It The End Of The Line For The Camaro?

Anonymous sources inside General Motors claim that development of the next-generation Camaro has been "suspended," and the nameplate will "likely be shelved again" after the current car is discontinued in 2023. That's according to Muscle Cars & Trucks . Meanwhile, GM wouldn't confirm or deny...
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Happy 55th Birthday To The Ford Mustang

It was April 17, 1964 when Lee Iacocca introduced "an affordable 'sporty' coupe" at the New York World's Fair . The suggested list price for this new vehicle was $2,368. That price made it difficult for Ford dealerships to keep up with demand. 22,000 were sold on the first day alone, and since then...
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Volkswagen To Stop Producing Iconic Beetle

Vokswagen , the German auto maker, announced Thursday (9/13) that it would discontinue production of their well-known Beetle in the summer of 2019. The first 'bug' rolled off the assembly line in 1938, and in 1998 the revamped Beetle was unveiled. However the demand for SUV's and cross-overs has...
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Ford Recalls Millions of Pickup Trucks

About 2-million Ford F150 pickup trucks in North America are being recalled due to concerns over fires igniting in the seatbelts. Specifically the seatbelt tensioner that activates in the event of a crash. Sparks have been found to occur on occasion when the seatbelt tensioner deploys. While the...
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Only The Mustang Remains

Ford Motor Company announced this week that it would no longer produce sedans for sale in North America . There was an exception; the Mustang! The Focus Crossover will also be spared. Other than that, the focus (pun intended) will be solely on trucks and SUVs. CEO Jim Hackett said the reasoning was...
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