Saving Elephants With The Sound Of Bees

Keeping elephants off the tracks.
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The Most Important Living Creature On The Planet!

If bees disappear, so do humans.
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Arizona Man Registers Bees as Service Animals

An Arizona man is causing a sting for his service animal. David Keller thinks people are taking advantage of the relative ease it is to declare a pet as a service animal, so he registered a swarm of bees to prove his point, according to the New York Post. Arizona man registers swarm of bees as...
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The Most Important Living Creature On The Planet

"If the bees disappear, humans would have 4 years to live." - Albert Einstein According to recent studies, bees around the world have disappeared up to 90%. Depending on the region, the reasons vary, but among the biggest contributing factors are massive deforestation, lack of safe places for nests...
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One State Will Pay Homeowners To Not Mow Their Lawns

Lawmakers in Minnesota are proposing legislation that would pay residents to turn their yards into bee sanctuaries, instead of maintaining the neatly manicured lawns that we have become accustomed to in surburbia. James Wolfin , a graduate assistant at the University of Minnesota’s Bee Lab and...
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Bees At Notre Dame Cathedral Survived The Fire

There have been three beehives on the roof over the sacristy, just beneath the rose window, at Notre Dame since 2013. Those three hives were the home to about 180,000 bees. After the devastating fire that ripped through the historic cathedral, beekeeper Nicolas Geant was concerned they may not have...
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Europe Bans Bee Killing Pesticides

In a move touted by environmentalists as a "major victory," the European Union has agreed to prohibit the outdoor use of three chemicals that have been shown to have an effect on bees abilities to forage and form colonies. As honey bees gather pollen and nectar for their survival, they pollinate...
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