On The 40th Anniversary Of The Walkman, Cassette Sales Reach 15 Year High

The must have for teens at the beginning of the 1980s, was the Sony Walkman . Introduced in 1979, it allowed you to discreetly listen to whatever type of music you wanted, without disturbing others, or without having your enjoyment ruined by someone who wanted to talk to you. Perfect for the...
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What Once Was Old Is New Again

What goes around comes around, right? Apparently the take-up wheels on cassette tapes have been going around quite a bit lately. That's according to Nielsen Music which says cassette tape sales rose from 178,000 in 2017 to 219,000 last year. Granted, that's a small percentage of the 141-million...
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Suspicious Package Turns Out To Be Journey Cassette

With the recent spate of package bombs being sent through the mail, many are on high alert. That includes the folks in the mail room at the Duke Energy building in Charlotte, North Carolina , who called police after spotting a "suspicious package," a manila envelope from out of state with the...
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