You Can Shower April With Love!

April is the beginning of spring, with the flowers beginning to bud and warmer weather upon us. This April, a beautiful sweet kitty, is looking to begin her next journey on to her forever home where she can continue to blossom. She’s always looking for a warm lap to curl up on and is a great...
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Cats Recognize The Sound Of Their Names

Researchers in Japan say they've discovered that cats actually understand their names when they hear it. Atsuko Saito of Sophia University in Tokyo says there's no evidence that cats attach meaning to our words, whether it's their name or anything else, like "get off the counter". Instead, they've...
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Check Out This Pet Predicament

So I'm going through the grocery store supermarket checkout line recently, paying for my groceries. Kaz, the checkout lady was telling me about her cat named Leo. She told me that Leo was your basic beige/orange Tabby cat. Leo had this habit of chewing on all of the wires in her house. According to...
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Taylor Swift attends the 2019 InStyle and Warner Bros. 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards Post-Party

SCREENSHOTS: Taylor Swift Reveals Her 'Cats' Character

She's "kind and touching but harsh"
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You May Soon Be Able To Trace The Ancestry Of Your Cat

Many people these days are interested in finding out about their own history with the popularity of websites like, and the availability of DNA kits on the rise. But what about your cat? Yes, lots of people are interested in finding out about their furry feline friends' lineage, too...
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Santa Has A Best Friend For You!

Tabby lived for the first eight years of her life in a home with other pets, and sadly spent most of her time petrified in their presence, cowering on shelves and on bureaus to avoid them. When her person went away to college, her family decided the best thing for her was to find a better home,...
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Patches Of Puuurrr- fection!

What a beauty! Lovely Patches wants nothing more than to take a cat nap on your lap. This mellow 14-year-old loves all people and wishes to be the only kitty in her new home so she can get as much attention as possible! She doesn't need much playtime, just plenty of time to take naps and relax with...
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Our Companions Pet Of The Week

Matilda has a meaning of “battle mighty” and this beautiful 15 and a half-year-old beauty has battled to overcome her shyness despite her difficult past. She is seeking a quiet home to spend her days cuddling, lounging and being the best company someone could ask for. She’s gentle, affectionate,...
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Here's Why Your Cat Likes To Sleep On Your Bed

If your cat likes to sleep on your bed, whether you like it or not, there's probably a good reason. Not the least of which is your cat obviously loves you. This is even more true if your cat likes to sleep on your bed, while you're in it! It's also comfortable. There's no doubt you've noticed how...
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Idris Elba, Taylor Swift, and Jennifer Hudson

Idris Elba Joins Tayor Swift, Jennifer Hudson In 'Cats' Movie

Film adaptation of hit musical due out in 2019
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