3 Foods You Should Never Wash

Do you rinse your raw chicken in the sink before you cook it? Don't! When you do that you're running the risk of spreading bacteria to anything the water splashes onto; your counter, your utensils, you! That bacteria can carry salmonella and any other number of sickening pathogen. As long as you...
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Greek Chicken

New Recipe: Slow Cooker Greek Chicken

Nothing beats the feeling of coming home to dinner all ready for you. The smell when you walk in the door that makes it seem like someone's been hard at work cooking all day. The slow cooker of course is the best way to create THAT scenario if you're the one who does most of the cooking in your...
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Recipe Video: 3 Course Chicken Dinner

Not only does this recipe have a video to show you step by step, but you can get all the ingredients and instructions in one place!
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