How To Limit Your Child's Screen Time

Smart phones, tablets, laptops, television...screens are everywhere. And more and more research is showing that too much screen time is making kids moodier, lazier, crankier and overall less happy. You may think there's really nothing you can do. But there is! Here are some tips from the experts on...
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Hot Car Deaths Above Average In 2019

We hear these stories far too often. A child left in the back seat of a locked car tragically dies. These unfortunate incidents happened 40 times this year. That's more than 3 dozen children who were killed because someone neglected their responsibility to properly care for them. While any number...
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Sphinx Ladies Club Fundraiser

Help Shriner's Children's Hospital by bringing the entire family to a delicious Family Style Pasta Dinner! $10 for over 10 years old. $5 for ages 5-10. Under age 5 are FREE!
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Kids Don't Have To Be Hungry This Summer

The federal government estimates that 4 million children in the United States face hunger during the summer months. And with school about to finish up for the year, that's something that some people will soon be very concerned about. Thanks to one program, sending a simple text can help alleviate...
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The More Kids Are Teased About Their Weight, The More Weight They Gain

Researchers at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland , and the National Institutes of Health , found that making fun of kids for their weight is linked to increased weight gain well into adulthood. And the more they're teased, the more they gain. Following...
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Mothers With 3 Kids Are The Most Stressed

A survey conducted by Today Parents shows that moms who have three children are more stressed than moms with any other number of kids. More than 7,000 mothers participated in the study, and moms of 3 rated an average of 8.5 on a stressed scale of 1-10. The findings showed that transitioning from 1...
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Baby Shark

There's No Stopping "Baby Shark", as the Song Swims Into the Billboard Chart

It's already a hit, and it will live in your ears for eternity
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