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Ford Tells Office Workers They're Not Returning Until 2021

Ford has told employees who are working from home to settle in because they won’t be coming back into their offices anytime this year. Read more on RADIO.COM.
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Study Makes Link Between People and Pets Who Test Positive for COVID-19

Early results from a study out of Texas A&M show a connection between households with positive COVID cases in Texas and their pets carrying the virus.
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Restaurant Offering COVID-19 Test With To-Go Orders

A restaurant in Texas is offering a COVID-19 test to accompany your to-go order. BTG, the to-go operation for Bullion in downtown Dallas, is now adding a coronavirus diagnostic test to its menu for $200.
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Should You Get the COVID-19 Vaccine as Soon as It's Available?

While a coronavirus vaccine is widely seen as a silver bullet to resolve the ongoing pandemic, many Americans say when a vaccine is available, they are not going to be first in line to get it.
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7 Virtual Tutoring Services to Consider for Your Child This Fall

Whether it’s a little extra help in an academic subject or a new way of adding extracurricular activities, with virtual tutoring services families can expand their children’s educational setting from the comfort of home.
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What a Second Stimulus Check Would Mean for Your 2021 Taxes

While there’s been discussion on the progress on a second stimulus check, many may be wondering how the money will impact their tax filings in 2021.
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School in District With Over 1,100 Quarantined Students Closed Due to COVID-19

A high school in Georgia has been closed by its district, where over 1,100 people are currently quarantined due to coronavirus. Read more on RADIO.COM.
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WHO: Avoid Dental Cleanings and Visits If You Can

Patients who have upcoming dental appointments may want to consider postponing their visits. The World Health Organization said people should avoid dental cleanings and visits to the dentist for now.
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Caught on Video: Maskless Revelers Take Over Public Bus for Wild Pop-Up Party

Authorities are investigating after an MTA bus was taken over by dozens of maskless people for a pop-up party over the weekend. Video shows partygoers smoking a hookah, dancing and even taking their clothes off for the camera.
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Father and Son Doctors Die of COVID-19 Within Weeks of Each Other

Two generations of Florida doctors have died due to COVID-19. Dr. Jorge A. Vallejo, 89, a retired obstetrician and gynecologist, and his middle son, Dr. Carlos Francisco Vallejo, 57, were both hospitalized on June 21st.
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