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Man spends stimulus check on 30,000 masks for the homeless: ‘We’re all in this together’

Jeff Suchon from Highland Park, New Jersey, is easing the hardship of others by using his stimulus check to buy 30,000 masks for the homeless and others in need. Suchon is one of many local heroes who are paying in forward during a difficult time.
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Target stores will be closed Thanksgiving Day 2021

It’s only been a couple of weeks since we welcomed in the new year, but at least one retail store is already thinking about Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping.
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Nurse who works in COVID unit wins $1 million in lottery: ‘I thought that it was a scam’

A nurse who works in the COVID-19 unit at an extended term-care facility now has a lotto money. The North Carolina resident won $1 million in the lottery.
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Ellen DeGeneres shares dramatic way she learned she had COVID as she returns back to work

Ellen DeGeneres returned back to hosting her show on Wednesday, and shared the dramatic way she learned that she had tested positive for COVID-19. The host shared the story with the same virtual audience that was present during the December episode.
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Sales of instruments have gone up since pandemic started

Sales of instruments have gone up during the pandemic after concert halls and other venues had to shut down. But while demand is up, how are the supplies doing?
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Martha Stewart receives COVID vaccine, tells fans she 'waited in line with others'

Martha Stewart received the coronavirus vaccine, telling fans she ‘waited in line with others.’ The lifestyle guru shared a video of the vaccination to Instagram, saying, ‘I am in the approved age group for this batch of vaccines.’
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Parents of babies born in 2020 could be eligible for extra stimulus money

Oh, baby! Parents of children born in 2020 could be elegible for additional stimulus money from the United States federal government under the CARES Act and the new $900 billion stimulus package. Find out if your family is elegible on RADIO.COM.
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Didn't get your stimulus check? Here's what you have to do to claim it on your tax returns

If you’re still waiting on your second stimulus check, there’s a chance it may never come. However, you can still claim the money when you file your tax return this spring with the Recovery Rebate Credit. Read more now.
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Prince William, Kate Middleton back to homeschooling kids as Duchess celebrates 39th birthday

Prince William and Kate Middleton have returned to homeschooling their two oldest kids amid rising concerns of coronavirus throughout the United Kingdom.
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Cat missing for 6 years reunites with owner who is battling COVID-19

A cat that was missing for six years has found his way back home and is helping his owner battle COVID-19. The cat went missing in 2015, but Ashley Orians never gave up hope that she would find him. Read the full story.
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