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Pizza Hut Is Giving Away Half a Million Pizzas to 2020 Grads

Pizza Hut has teamed up with America’s dairy farmers to give away 500,000 pizzas to graduating high school seniors and their families, as a way to give “some much-needed joy” amid the ongoing coronavirus health crisis.
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Some Coronavirus Survivors Face Long-Term Consequences

A small minority of coronavirus survivors, about five percent, do get seriously ill and require hospitalization. That group is at risk for developing pulmonary fibrosis, which is a scarring of the lungs. See the details.
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Coronavirus Patients Are Not Infectious 11 Days After Getting Sick: Study

With many concerned about a second wave of coronavirus infections, a new study suggests there may not be reason to worry. Patients of COVID-19 are reportedly not infectious 11 days after getting sick. See the details.
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Is It Safe to Try On Clothes While Shopping During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

While many of us continue to social distance, some of us may be wanting to head back to the store to buy some clothes. Is it safe to try on clothes at a store during the coronavirus pandemic?
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5 Forms of Financial Help You May Qualify for During Coronavirus

While many people are aware of the stimulus checks from the CARES Act which are still being issued this month, there are other ways to access financial help during COVID-19. These are some of the options that might still be available to you.
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Bolivian Orchestra Stranded in Haunted German Castle Surrounded by Wolves During Pandemic

The group has been staying safe at Rheinsberg Palace, which is apparently haunted by Frederick the Great, who called the palace home in the 1500s. The group has joked that the ghost follows them around and tries to make things go awry.
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New Collection of Mobile Apps Helps With COVID-19 Anxiety, Depression: Study

Northwestern said a new study, published May 20 in JAMA Psychiatry, states the collection of mobile apps called Intellicare offer special content to help people reduce the stress and anxiety of dealing with the pandemic.
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Betty White Is Doing Crossword Puzzles and Sipping Martinis During the Pandemic: 'I'm Blessed'

Betty White wants all her fans to know that she is doing perfectly fine during the coronavirus pandemic. The 98-year-old actress says she is grateful for her health and the chance to slow down.
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U.S. Plans Massive Coronavirus Vaccine Testing Push by Year's End

The U.S. government plans to use as many as 100,000 volunteers to test a potential coronavirus vaccine by the end of 2020, according to Reuters.
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Andrea Bocelli Confirms Coronavirus Diagnosis, Donating Plasma

Bocelli shared that he received the news on March 10 after testing with a swab. “The Prayer” star suffered from a slight fever but no other major symptoms. Now he is helping research into COVID-19 by providing plasma.
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