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Husband Sets Up 'Date Nights' Outside Hospital Window For Pregnant Wife on Bed Rest

A Chicago couple has enjoyed weekly date nights at a distance for the past six weeks as their family grows, proving their love has no bounds amid the pandemic. Read the heartwarming story now.
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From Pizza to Pad Thai: The Most Popular Food Delivery Items in Each State During Quarantine

Americans have always loved take-out, but with the coronavirus pandemic closing dine-in and forcing many people to stay-at-home, the public has turned to delivery. Find out what the most popular dishes are in each state!
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Can You Get Arrested For Lying to Your Boss About Having Coronavirus?

A Georgia man allegedly lied about having contracted coronavirus to his employer and wound up arrested by the FBI and charged with fraud. The man allegedly submitted a fake doctor’s note.
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Grandpa Builds Backyard Roller Coaster for Grandson During Quarantine

A grandfather built his son a homemade roller coaster in the family’s backyard to keep him entertained while in quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic.
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Tooth Fairy Sends 7-Year-Old a Thank-You Note for Making Her a Face Mask

After losing one of her baby teeth, a young girl in Michigan wanted to make sure she kept the Tooth Fairy safe amid the coronavirus pandemic. So she made her a face mask.
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These Plastic Bubble Pods May Be the Future of Restaurant Dining Amid Coronavirus

As restaurants wrestle with reopening amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, a designer has invented a new see-through contraption that allows for safe, mask-free dining.
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Harvard Researcher Studying How COVID-19 Manifests in Dreams

COVID-19 has been manifesting itself in our dreams a lot during the pandemic. Now a Harvard researcher is studying them to help us all get a better night’s rest.
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Will Coronavirus Push Social Security to Insolvency by the End of the Decade?

Social Security benefits may be exhausted sooner rather than later, which will affect millions of current and future retirees in America. A new report believes funds may run out by 2029 due to COVID-19, countering the SSA’s report. Read more.
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Universal Orlando Targets June 5 as Reopen Date

Universal Orlando is reportedly targeting June 5 to reopen after being closed since March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to multiple reports.
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Victoria's Secret to Close 250 Stores Permanently

Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works will be permanently closing some of their stores in the U.S.A.. and Canada due to coronavirus. L Brands, which owns both retailers, said sales have drastically declined.
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