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Doctor Who Delayed Retirement to Treat Coronavirus Patients Dies After COVID-19 Battle

A well known doctor in New York City has died of the coronavirus. The doctor made the decision to delay his retirement to work on the COVID-19 front lines.
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7-Year-Old Boy with Sickle-Cell Disease Recovers from Coronavirus

After enduring several blood transfusions and pneumonia in his lungs, a seven-year-old boy with sickle-cell disease has recovered from coronavirus.
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Is the Virus Changing? COVID-19 Symptoms Appearing Later Than Usual in Some New Patients

In a new cluster of cases in the northeast region of the country, doctors in China are seeing COVID-19 manifest differently than in the original outbreak in Wuhan.
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How to Properly Clean and Disinfect Your Glasses During the Pandemic

Glasses are our first line of defense against germs and other particles, and though we touch them frequently, we don’t clean them as much as we should. Read on to find out how you should disinfect your lenses and glasses.
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Coronavirus Survivor Shares Alarming Body Transformation Photo While in the Hospital

A man who was hospitalized for six weeks with the coronavirus shared a before and after photo to let people know how coronavirus can affect the body.
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Disney World Partially Reopens to Lines After Blunt Warning to Customers

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla. partially reopened on Wednesday morning, days after issuing a warning to fans and visitors of the risks of contracting COVID-19 inherent in all public spaces.
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Starbucks Reveals First Color-Changing Cup After Coronavirus Closures

Starbucks will be selling new color-changing cups later this month after COVID-19 closures. The cup is color-changing and you can see it right here on RADIO.COM
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CDC Releases Guidelines For Reopening Public Pools

As restrictions ease up across the country and the weather heats up, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has released guidelines for reopening pools, hot tubs, and water playgrounds. Find out everything you need to know!
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Kohl's Drops Jennifer Lopez Collection, Ending 10-Year Partnership

Kohl’s announced during an earnings call Tuesday that it is dropping the Jennifer Lopez “down-trending” brand, ending a ten-year partnership. Seven other brands will also be dropped.
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You Can Finally Call the IRS About Your Stimulus Check

As stimulus checks are being sent to millions of people, many Americans still have unanswered questions about the status of their payments. The IRS has announced there is now a line taxpayers can call if they have questions about their checks.
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