Get Your Paws Off That Hand Sanitizer — Why You Shouldn't Disinfect Your Dog's Feet

As we enter our new normal, we can all agree that hand sanitizer, face masks, and disinfectant wipes have become the new checklist. Experts warn about putting hand sanitizer on dogs’ paws.
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A Dog's Noseprint Is As Unique As A Human's Fingerprint

A dog's noseprint can be used as identification.
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Good Reasons To Let Your Dog Sleep On Your Bed With You

If your dog sleeps on your bed with you at night, you could be improving your health.
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Retired Nurse Starts Hospice For Old Dogs

Nicola Coyle , a registered nurse in England , wanted to continue making a difference after she retired from nursing. She had been volunteering with animal rescue for years, so she applied a concept that allows elderly people to live out their final days in comfort and applied it to dogs. Coyle...
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You Should Never Yell At Your Dog

A new study done at a university in Portugal shows that yelling at your dog seriously traumatizes them; and they may never get over it. The study found that dogs that were taught with yelling and leash-jerking were found to be more stressed, with higher levels of cortisol found in their saliva...
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The Netherlands Has Eliminated Their Stray Dog Problem

The Netherlands used to have a big problem with stray dogs; but not anymore. Before you jump to conclusions, you should know they've done it without the use of euthanasia. So how was this accomplished? Many cities imposed massive taxes on store-bought dogs. This, in turn, caused people to adopt...
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Taking Your Dog For A Ride Is Just Another Distraction

A new study conducted by Volvo found that having your dog in the car, and not restrained, is yet another cause for concern when it comes to distracted driving. Allowing pets to roam unrestrained while driving led to significantly more unsafe driving behaviors, more time distracted and increased...
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Dog Found Swimming 136 Miles off the Coast of Thailand

A dog is safe and sound after being found swimming off the coast of Thailad. A group of workers on the Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production oil rig were shocked to spot a dog out in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand, about 136 miles from the nearest land. The rig’s crew was quick to call to...
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Watch an Adorable Therapy Dog Wave 'Boston Strong' Flags at the Marathon

BOSTON ( WEEI ) -- Thousands of people come out to the Boston Marathon every year to cheer on the runners. But it would be hard to find a more adorable fan than Spencer, a therapy dog who attends with his owner, Rich Powers. Spencer and his Boston Strong flags were set up between Mile 2.5 and Mile...
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Dog Genius

Scientists Suggest Dogs Aren't That Smart, Internet Decides Scientists Are The Worst

Study claims dogs are not that "exceptional"
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