You Will Allow This On Sofa

You may promise to never let your doggies or kitty on the sofa, but now you can have them immortalized on a precious pillow of your choice and you'll be glad to have them on the sofa anytime! This is the coolest website and I cannot wait to get our Shiloh beagle pillow. Go to then...
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Our Companions Pet Of The Week

Rudy is so sweet it hurts! This 10-year-old pit mix is such a little heartbreaker. He absolutely loves his humans and is a sweet, well-mannered, laid-back guy who can't wait to find his forever home! He does great with children, but would prefer to be an only pet so he can soak up all the love and...
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New Study Finds That Dogs Lie to Get What They Want

According to a new study, your dog could be totally playing you.
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POLL: Do You Have More Photos Of Your Dog Or Spouse Stored on Your Phone?

A new study further proves that we seem to care more about our dogs than out spouse.
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LIVE FOOTAGE: Puppies Playing in Honor of National Puppy Day

National Puppy Day can be a tough holiday to celebrate if you are stuck at work.
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