Louisville Slugger Faces Uncertain Future

The world's oldest bat manufacturer remains closed, for now.
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Air Travel Practically Non-Existent

Airline industry hit hard by coronavirus.
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Music Industry Takes Another Hit

Amazon halting sales of new vinyl and c.d.'s.
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RADIO.COM's 'Coronavirus Daily' Addresses the US Economy Amid the Outbreak

RADIO.COM’S Coronavirus Daily podcast is here to give you daily updates on the ever-changing coronavirus crisis. Episode 1 outlines the economic impact of an outbreak this large.
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If You Drive An Expensive Car, You're Probably A Jerk

The more expensive the car, the less likely the driver is to yield to pedestrians.
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Teen Petitioning Super Bowl Move To Saturday

Kid wants the big game moved!
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Gas Prices On The Rise

You may have noticed you're paying a little more at the pump these days. That's pretty typical this time of year according to Tom Kloza , the chief oil analyst at the Oil Price Information Service . Prices have increased about 25-cents per gallon over the last month. Coincidentally, the national...
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The 12 Days Of Christmas Are Expensive

If your true love were to give to you all the items mentioned in the 12 Days of Christmas, they'd be shelling out $39,094.93 ... an increase of $450 compared to last year. Here's the breakdown: 1 Partridge - $20.18 1 Pear Tree - $199.95 2 Turtle Doves - $375.00 3 French Hens - $181.50 4 Calling...
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Retailers Having A Hard Time Finding Employees For The Holidays

One of the problems employers are discovering about the improved economy and record low unemployment, is there aren't enough people to work for the holiday season. That's good news for those who are, because employers are offering extra perks to entice those looking for seasonal employment. The...
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Sonic Sold For $2.3 Billion

Inspire Brands , which owns Arby's and Buffalo Wild Wings is adding Sonic to their portfolio. Paying nearly 20% more than the cost of shares during trading on Monday, the company says that they don't plan on making any changes to America's drive-in. Sonic 's sales at locations open at least a year...
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