CANCELED: 23rd Annual Farmington Miniature Golf & Ice Cream Easter Egg Hunt

***********Due to the Flood Warning, Heavy Rain and Thunder in tomorrow's forecast, the Easter Egg Hunt at Farmington Miniature Golf and Ice Cream Parlor is CANCELLED !********* Farmington Miniature Golf & Ice Cream Parlor...
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Egglettes Make Hard Boiled Eggs Easy

Ever had a Facebook video ad catch your eye? We did. The claim is Hard Boiled Eggs can be quick and easy. No peeling! Just crack your egg in the silicone container and boil it. Allan, Mike & Mary did a side-by-side taste test with a traditional hard boiled egg (egg in a pot with water. Bring to...
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3 Foods You Should Never Wash

Do you rinse your raw chicken in the sink before you cook it? Don't! When you do that you're running the risk of spreading bacteria to anything the water splashes onto; your counter, your utensils, you! That bacteria can carry salmonella and any other number of sickening pathogen. As long as you...
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