the English Lady

Maureen Hasley-Jones

June Gardening Tips from the English Lady

What to do and not do in your yard and garden this month from the English Lady!
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English Lady May Gardening Tips

May Gardening Tips from the English Lady

Maureen Hasley-Jones, The English Lady gives us her expert advice on what to do and not do in the garden for the month of May.
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CT Flower and Garden Show

April Gardening Tips from the English Lady

Everything you need to know about what's growing and not growing in your garden in April from reknowned gardening expert Maureen Hasley-Jones - The English Lady!
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February 2020 Gardening Tips: Organic Gardening & Good Soil Solutions

As gardeners our diligence is essential to help counteract these negative changes by using only organic methods of gardening on your own plot of land; you are an important element in the quest to heal the planet.
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January 2020 Gardening Tips

On a sunny day in January, take a walk round the garden to breathe in the fresh air and allow Mother Nature to lift your spirits. As you walk, make some notes and decide what worked for you last year and what you will never try again.
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October 2019 Gardening Tips

Welcome to October everyone. I love fall gentle breezes, soft sunshine and the foliage colors are breathtaking. The soil is still warm and you can plant until the first week of November. In fact early November is a great time to plant spring bulbs.
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September 2019 Gardening Tips By The English Lady

Rain through August has been quite plentiful. The weeds continue to grow but I have been able to keep a handle on them with the use of natural Bradfield Organics corn gluten based weed pre-emergent, which can be purchased at any reputable garden center. HYDRANGES - pruning of Hydrangeas. The reason...
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August 2019 Gardening Tips

August has always been one of my least favorite months in the garden; but this August rated pretty high for me with plentiful rain resulting in fragrance, bloom and beautiful foliage.
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July 2019 Gardening Tips

Watering is so important during the heat of summer. In spring, if you planted trees or shrubs particularly evergreens these plants require extra moisture to establish a strong root system. We have had an abundant amount of rain this spring and early summer; nevertheless it is important to keep an...
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2019 June Gardening Tips

The fullness and fragrance of bloom is all round us. The early summer sun is on the way, gently shining and the summer garden will be ready to flourish with flora, foliage and delicious edibles in the vegetable gardens.
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