Man Charged in $180,000 Unemployment Fraud Scheme

The U.S. Attorney’s Office has named 37-year-old Samuel George Baker in a criminal complaint that says he filed numerous fraudulent applications for unemployment insurance benefits in Pennsylvania and Michigan.
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More Than 100-Million People Affected By Capital One Data Breach

If you've applied for a Capital One credit card, your personal information may have been hijacked in the largest data breach ever. More than 100-million people are affected by this criminal hacking which swiped information from credit card applicants dating back to 2005, including names, addresses...
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The Emotional Support Animal Phenomenon Has Gotten Out Of Control

I understand how therapeutic animals can be. My cat and I get along famously. My wife and her horse have an unbelievable bond. Most pet owners can attest to the same. And for some people who have had traumatic experiences, the right dog can help them cope with daily life, where they wouldn't be...
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