Is Valentine's Day Just A Hallmark Holiday?

While some people, mostly those who are single or simply unlucky in love, have declared Valentine's Day as nothing more than a holiday created by greeting card companies to sell merchandise, that's not exactly true. While the origins of sending cards and gifts to loved ones on February 14th remain...
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Hallmark Loves New England

Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane ( airing for the first time this last Monday Nov 19th) is just one of the many Hallmark Movies that were filmed in Ct.! This last October, Old Wethersfield Ct., was taken over to create this beautifulshimmering New England Picturebook movie. Also inb the line up for...
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Can It Be December? Hallmark Channel Announces Plans to Release 34 Christmas Movies This Year!

Fans of the Hallmark holiday movies will rejoice because the network is planning on releasing 34 new Christmas movies this year. Yes, that's more than EVER before.
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