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Keep That Holiday Feeling: Breathe Easier!

We don't want to be Grinchy about it... but the truth is, there are some real draw backs with both real and artificial Christmas trees when it comes to healthy indoor air environment. There is a lot of info and misinformation out there about both options. But before you start to get your...
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Matcha Tea Said To Have Cancer Fighting Anti-Oxidents

Everybody is raving about Matcha and its health benefits and I am learning about it before trying it, so I thought I would share what I know so far. Matcha is traditional Japanese ceremonial drink, matcha is a type of green tea that is grown and prepped in a very unique way. It enhances energy and...
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Tater Haters: Look Again!

About 7 years ago I went on the Paleo diet and some of the habits I formed have stuck with me long term: limited bread, no rice, no white potatoes,only sweet. Well, according to this article I am reading today from Consumer Reports, us tater haters need to take another look! The bad rap that came...
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Spotlite: Eat the Sunlight

Kevin W. Reese discusses his previous health battles that helped him creat a method called the Three D's (Diet, De-Stress & Detox). The Three D's has become the the structure to The Sunlight Shift, his 1-Year lifestyle program where fruits and vegetables are a major component to living a...
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