What Is Boxing Day?

Boxing Day is celebrated in countries around the world every December 26th. But what is it? The day originated in Great Britain , where "presents" are called "boxes." After working for their bosses on Christmas Day, the servants would leave to spend time with their families the day after. And,...
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Family Finds Owl Hiding In Their Christmas Tree

A Georgia family received an early Christmas surprise one night as they were finishing dinner. Katie McBride Newman heard her daughter India exclaim “Oh my gosh!” from the living room, before bursting into tears. As Newman is a big fan of owls, her tree is adorned with them. India told her mother...
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Tips To Take The Stress Out Of Your Holidays

We can all get a little overwhelmed this time of year. So much to get done, in a finite amount of time. But it's important to try to enjoy the holiday season, as well. Try these tips to take some stress out of your life, courtesy of the Mayo Clinic . Acknowledge your feelings . If someone close to...
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When to Get the Best Deal on a Christmas Tree

Can you believe Christmas is just ONE MONTH AWAY?! Did you get your tree yet? Usually, it pays to be early, but in this case, getting your tree on the later side will save you big bucks. You might think that Black Friday would be a great time to pick up your evergreen, but it's actually when you'll...
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Busiest Airports In America

There's not much you can do at this point if your holiday travel plans take you to, or through, one of these airports. However, if they do, you can at least be prepared that you're more likely to encounter a delay at one of these hubs. That, of course, is under normal circumstances. If inclement...
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Tips To Make Your Holiday Air Travel More Enjoyable

Here are some suggestions from airline industry experts on how you can make your holiday air travel more enjoyable, not just for yourself, but for those around you, too. Arrive at the airport with more time than you think you need. Your plane won't wait for you. Keep your hands to yourself...
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One Million Free Snickers If Halloween Gets Moved

The candy companies must be anticipating a lot more of their products will be sold if Halloween were always on Saturday. A petition has been circulating urging congress to move Halloween permanently to the last Saturday of October, regardless of what day of the week the 31st lands on. The petition...
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Happy Juneteenth!

Juneteenth , or Freedom Day is celebrated on June 19th as a commemoration of the June 19, 1865 announcement of the abolition of slavery. First celebrated in Texas it spread its way across many southern states and is now recognized as a state holiday or observation day in 45 states. Traditions...
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Tips To Relieve Holiday Stress

With less than two weeks until Christmas, you may be feeling some holiday stress. If you don't want to run the risk of ruining your holidays, try these tips. Take calm-down breaks. Shortly after you wake up, close your eyes, take several deep breaths and just relax. Get moving. Exercise can help...
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Christmas Card Etiquette

If you're sending out Christmas cards this holiday season, you should probably be working on them this weekend. By next weekend, at the latest. Here's what else you should keep in mind according to the etiquette experts: If your family celebrates Christmas, by all means send Christmas cards. But...
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