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Study Shows Playing a Musical Instrument Is Good for Your Mental Health

It could be the creative outlet, it could be the stress relief, most likely it’s just because making music is a whole lot of fun! A new study, meant to explore how learning an instrument can affect a person’s mood, has produced some positive results.
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6 Tips to Boost Your Child's Mental Health During COVID-19

Educating kids about COVID-19 without scaring them into nightmares can be tricky, but parents need to have serious conversations with their children to keep them safe and calm. Here are tips to boost your child’s mental health.
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Selena Gomez's Rare Beauty Launches a Mental Health Fund

Selena Gomez’s beauty company, Rare Beauty, is starting up a fund to help increase access to mental health services. Gomez is planning to put 1% of Rare Beauty sales towards the Rare Impact Fund along with money raised by partners.
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11 Podcasts That Focus on Mental Wellbeing and Self-Care

These podcasts will help give you those moments throughout the day to think about your mental health and work on having a moment of pause to reflect on yourself.
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New Collection of Mobile Apps Helps With COVID-19 Anxiety, Depression: Study

Northwestern said a new study, published May 20 in JAMA Psychiatry, states the collection of mobile apps called Intellicare offer special content to help people reduce the stress and anxiety of dealing with the pandemic.
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10 Tips For Essential Workers' Mental Health

How To Keep Yourself Mentally Sound During This Difficult Time.
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Remote Counseling Sees Spike In Demand

A growing part of the medical industry has seen an increase in demand because of COVID-19. Therapists say more people are seeking out remote mental health counseling as they deal with uncertainty related to the virus. Read more.
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Prescriptions for Anti-Anxiety Medicines Spike Amid Coronavirus: Report

More people across the United States are taking anti-anxiety medications as the coronavirus continues to spread. A new report says prescriptions for these medicines are spiking amid the coronavirus.
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Tips To Be More Positive

How to look on the bright side.
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Signs You're Mentally Exhausted

How to tell if you're emotionally spent.
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