pet adoption

Our Companions August Pets of the Month

Susan Linker from Our Companions Animal Sanctuary visited with Allan, Mike & Mary and brought by two wonderful, beautiful animals looking for families to adopt them. Let's meet them! PIPER Petite and playful Piper will steal your heart! She’ll look longingly into your eyes until you give her...
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You'll Love Luna To The Moon and Back

Luna is sweet as can be! She takes a bit of time to bond with a new person, but when she does it’s the greatest feeling in the world! This 6-year-old Old English Bulldog needs a quiet home with adults (older teens are a possibility), and a fenced-in yard would be ideal. She would absolutely love to...
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Firefighter Adopts Puppy After Rescuing Him from Under Pile of Rocks

Captain Paul Bryant and this pup met when he rescued him from under a pile of rocks. A father and son bike riding in the area first heard the desperate dog’s cries. Bryant dug him out from the rubble. Incredibly the little guy suffered no injuries. It was actually the nearly 20 year North...
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