Meet Ripley from Our Companions Animal Rescue

If you love cats, Ripley could be your new bff from Our Companions Animal Rescue
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Our Companions April Pets of the Month

Allan, Mike & Mary are joined by Susan Linker from Our Companions Animal Rescue with two pets looking for a family to adopt them.
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Vinny the Rat Terrier

Meet Vinnie & Ralph!

Susan Linker from Our Companions Animal Rescue stops in to visit with Allan, Mike & Mary. Her friends are looking to join your pack. If interested, visit or call 860-242-9999.
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A Dog's Noseprint Is As Unique As A Human's Fingerprint

A dog's noseprint can be used as identification.
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Dobby & Lucky

Our Companions Pets For Adoption

If you have love in your heart to adopt a Cat or Dog, Susan Linker has one of each to tell you about.
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orange cat

Your New Buddy Is Waiting For You!

Chester’s a handsome 6 year old and a fantastic companion!
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Good Reasons To Let Your Dog Sleep On Your Bed With You

If your dog sleeps on your bed with you at night, you could be improving your health.
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Our Companions January Pets of the Month

Allan, Mike & Mary welcome Susan Linker and furbabies for another year on Lite 100.5 WRCH! Let's meet Cosmo & Roxi! COSMO Cosmo wants to come play! If you’re looking for an active, fun-loving companion, Cosmo may be the boy for you. He loves company, playing with his interactive toys, and...
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More Pets As A Baby, Means Fewer Allergies As An Adult

Studies have found that having a pet early in life protects from allergies later on. Researchers at University of Gothenburg , Sweden also looked at children who grew up with more than one pet in their home to see if more animals increased immunity. They found, it did! Kids who grew up on a farm,...
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Our Companions

Our Companions Pets of the Month

Susan Linker from Our Companions stopped in today to talk about to wonderful animals looking for fur-ever homes. Let's meet them! Calvin is a 4 year old, playful perfectly imperfect boy! His left front leg has what is likely a congenital deformity but it doesn’t stop him from playing, running,...
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