Be Safe Clean It Off

Rockets On The Roof

I know. It seems like a hastle every year. It comes with the territory. Life is a lot easier if you 're able to garage your car and keep it debris free. Getting the white stuff off the roof of your car can be almost impossible, especially in those hard to reach places. Besides, not everyone is over...
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Slow Dance Romance

PillowTalk: Slow Dance Leads To Romance

Nice to hear from Allen from Colchester the other night with an update on what's happening in the love department. Several years back at Christmas time, Allen was decking the halls and trimming the holiday tree with Tressa. He made a dedication on PillowTalk at the time. When their song came on the...
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Kindness At Christmas

PillowTalk: Kind Words From Katherine And Cindy

You hear about "Acts of Kindness" all the time. It's especially relevant during the holiday season. One of the easiest acts of kindness there is, is to get in touch with us on PillowTalk and send out a love message to share your feelings and let someone special know how much you care for them. It...
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Kids At Christmas

PillowTalk: Holiday Love To The Little Ones

Mason's first word was for his grandfather, John. He calls him "Buppa". He calls his grandmother, Sue "Mema." John and Sue live in Torrington. Mason is 17 months old and lives in New Hartford with his mom and dad, Margaret and Derek. Sue called PillowTalk on Wednesday night to wish Mason and the...
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Lovers By The Fire

PillowTalk: Making Family Wishes

Holiday dedications pour in, many centered around family on PillowTalk. I had a beautiful conversation with Wilma who is a great lady from Hartford. She listens to PillowTalk every night. She told me to keep doing what I'm doing. Wilma reached out to a family member by the name of David. Wilma and...
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Lovers Ready To Celebrate The Holidays

PillowTalk: Making Memories At Christmas

Friends and lovers are ready to celebrate the season. PillowTalk listeners are making new holiday memories with their very special dedications. Back from the Thanksgiving holiday, Steve and Taylor from Southington are ready to deck the halls together. Steve called to let Taylor know that Steve...
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Coming Home For The Holiday

PillowTalk: Coming Home For The Holiday

It's a special occasion this Thanksgiving weekend for Colin and Demetri. Colin used to live and work in Farmington, not far from the Lite 100.5 WRCH studios. Now Colin lives in Scotland. Scotland, the country of the United Kingdom, not Scotland, CT. So does Colin's friend Demetri It's Demetri's...
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What Are You Most Thankful For on Thanksgiving?

Over the last several weeks I've been asked from a variety of sources coming from many directions, What are you most thankful for? It's so easy to take things and loved ones for granted. I think the thing that hits me first on a personal level is that as far as I can tell, I'm pretty healthy. So...
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Ready For PillowTalk Holiday Romance

PillowTalk: Putting Romance In Your Holidays

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Friday Night PillowTalk Love Fest

PillowTalk: A Friday Night Free-For-All

PillowTalk dedications came in from all directions for a variety of reasons on Friday night. They ranged from Jenelle from Hampden, MA playing a song by Bob Carlisle in memory of her Godmother Phyllis. Percy in North Haven playing a song for his long lost love Winnie from many years ago. Vanessa...
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