Wrong Turn Right Time

PillowTalk: Oops, Wrong Turn At The Right TIme

It never ceases to amaze me how unusual PillowTalk love stories are from time to time. How people met by chance or how they reconnect. Yolanda and James from Portland for example. They have been together for about three years.They both went to Portland High and graduated in 2015. Yolanda told me...
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House Method Snow Across U.S.

Snowfall Records Across The U.S.

One of the first significant snowfalls of the season is about to knock on our door this weekend. Over the course of your life, huge amounts of snow have fallen from time to time. It may seem that we don't get as much snow as we used to when we were kids. What is the record here in Connecticut? How...
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30 Year Friendship Love In The Making

PillowTalk: "Six Months Ago We Looked At Each Other That Way"

Juanda in Hartford has known Jeno for more than 30 years. Juanda told her story to PillowTalk: "Well my mom died when I was seven years old. His mom sort of help my mother toward the end of her illness. My mother passed away 40 years ago. His father was my father's best friend. My father taught him...
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Flu Season Precautions

Influenzas B Strain Makes Early Arrival This Flu Season

MEMPHIS, TENN. – As flu season enters 2020, the influenza B strain of the flu virus has arrived earlier than normal making this year’s season off to an “atypically” early start, says Dr. Richard Webby, a member of the Infectious Diseases Department at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the...
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First Time Years Ago

PillowTalk: Revisited After 19 Years

So the phone rings on PillowTalk on Friday night. I answer and to my shock and surprise, it's Kate from West Hartford. Kate informs me that this is the first time she is calling me in 19 years. Yes, I was here in 2001 taking dedications and requests on PillowTalk. Then she goes a little farther and...
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First Date Follow

Poll: How Long Should You Wait After A First Date?

The results of this poll are not available.

You've gone on that first date. It went well, or so you think it did. Now what? Should you play hard to get? Will a follow up contact too soon make you seem too anxious or desperate? Or maybe you should just go with it and see what happens. What has been your dating experience? Do you think it's a...
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Best Cities To Exercise

Study: Best Cities For Exercise

Do you and your lifestyle place a premium on exercise? House Method has put together a study on the best cities for exercise. They analyzed the data for the 100 largest U.S. cities and ranked them according to 5 factors, such as gyms per capita, percent of people who exercise frequently, walk score...
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Lovers In Love

PillowTalk: 3 Love Essentials

Do you long for a loving relationship that goes far beyond “good-enough?” One that reaches the depth of connection your heart knows is possible? Paige Marrs, PhD, and Don Marrs, co-authors of Grabbing Lightning: The Messy Quest for an Extraordinary Love , help people achieve the uncommon experience...
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New England Homes

Town Of Windsor Wants Historical Homes For Tour

Windsor Historical Society is looking for architecturally-distinctive homes to feature on its house tour to be held Saturday, April 25th, 2020. Do you love your historic home? Does it have interesting architectural features inside and out? Realtors, have you recently sold an architecturally...
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Lovers Spice Up The Night

Refresh Your Relationship With These Tips

Get 2020 off to a romantic start. Reset and refresh your relationship with a few tips from the CEO of the Perchance dating app, Dave Gottesman: 1) Find a new shared hobby you can participate in together. It might be painting, a board game, watching a new Netflix show, running, working out in the...
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