Celebrating 19 Years

PillowTalk: Wedding Song Still Sums It Up

Jonathan in Monroe thinking of his wife on the way home decides to call PillowTalk with appreciation for what he has.
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Husband Hero

PillowTalk: Fire Fighter Is Her Hero

Excited PillowTalk listener loves her hero unconditionally.
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Amazing Avon Wife

PillowTalk: Joe From Avon Celebrates Wife New Life

Avon couple who met on line and are expecting their second child after being married almost thirteen years.
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A Night To Celebrate

PillowTalk: Our Cup Runneth Over With Your Requests

A busy night on Friday night PillowTalk. Lots of dedications and requests from all over the tri-state area.
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PillowTalk: Bob And Louise Celebrate 35

Congratulations to Bob and Louise of Berlin!
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Mothers and Daughters Bonding

PillowTalk: "It literally takes my stress level down instantly!"

The trend on PillowTalk Tuesday night seemed to be a lot of Mother/Daughter dedications from across the state.
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School Choice Week

School Choice Week January 26th - February 1st

409 Celebrations of School Choice Week Organized by Schools, Organizations, and Individuals Underway in Connecticut
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American Indians Windsor Historical Society

Native Americans in Connecticut before the Casinos

On Thursday, February 12, 2020 at 7 p.m., please join us at Windsor Historical Society for a fascinating presentation by Dr. Jason Mancini, Executive Director of Connecticut Humanities.
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Blind Date Lovers

PillowTalk: She Had No Intention Of Dating Anyone

Blind Date turns to love fixed up by a best friend who had been trying to get them together for years
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2020 Census Everybody Counts

Census Recruitment Events Across CT This Week

January 21, 2020 — As part of a national recruiting campaign, the United States Census Bureau is partnering with several local organizations to host Census job information sessions where potential applicants can learn more about open positions and the hiring process. Census jobs offer flexible...
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