Wage Increase for 2020 Census Workers

January 2, 2020 — With less than three months until the national kick-off of the 2020 Census, the U.S. Census Bureau has announced it will boost hourly wages from $21.00 to $23.50 per hour for available census positions in the Hartford and New Haven, CT Area Census Offices (ACO). The pay rate...
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Who sings your favorite

Who Sings Your Favorite Christmas Song?

The results of this poll are not available.

Which artist sings your favorite Christmas song? Have some holiday fun by casting your vote, then make a holiday request for that song on PillowTalk. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you. Thanks so much for keeping your night Lite on Lite 100.5 WRCH all year long!
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Not Christmas Until I Hear...

"It's Not Christmas Until I Hear The..."

Waitresses? Well ah YEAH! At least that's the way Barbara from New Hartford feels about it. She called from the car on Wednesday night on PillowTalk. When too much is going too fast, sometimes you just need to slow down and chill and enjoy your favorite holiday. Glad to hear Christmas Wrapping from...
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Holiday Song Sampler

PillowTalk: Holiday Request Sampler

Michelle from Cheshire told me that she has seen Bruce Springsteen in concert 17 times. That's not counting his Broadway residency. She's loving the holiday music. She initially called me with a question about a song she heard on our station. She also wanted to make a holiday request while I had...
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At Home With RADIO.COM

PillowTalk: "I like the variety of music"

Thanks for the holiday vote of confidence from John, listening to PillowTalk in Pennsylvania on the RADIO.COM app. John writes: "How about Bobby Vinton's Santa Must Be Polish? Listening on the Radio.com app in Pennsylvania . I thought I saw that on the songs played, but haven't heard it yet." This...
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Loving The Lite At Christmas

PillowTalk:"Thank you for all the wonderful music!"

Friday night PillowTalk was filled to the brim with your favorite Christmas songs. Many dedications seemed to center on families and relationships. It was love at first dance for Donna in Killingworth. Donna's sister Nat introduced her to Bob at a dance in Hartford. Thrity-six years, three children...
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Learning To Love

PillowTalk: Need To Graduate Leads To Love

Sandy from Simsbury needed three credits in order to graduate from college. She struggled though when it came to computer science. Sandy needed a tutor, but where was she to turn. Having almost hit a brick wall, she turned to her father for advice. Her dad was a college professor at the same...
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Those We Miss At Christmas

PillowTalk: Thinking Of Those We Miss

This holiday season, many PillowTalk listeners are reaching out to the one's who provided the foundation for the memories we hold dear...Our parents. Jill in Bristol called me on Wednesday night for me to play a song in memory of her mother Paula who was from Canton. "I want to thank her for puting...
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Be Safe Clean It Off

Rockets On The Roof

I know. It seems like a hastle every year. It comes with the territory. Life is a lot easier if you 're able to garage your car and keep it debris free. Getting the white stuff off the roof of your car can be almost impossible, especially in those hard to reach places. Besides, not everyone is over...
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Slow Dance Romance

PillowTalk: Slow Dance Leads To Romance

Nice to hear from Allen from Colchester the other night with an update on what's happening in the love department. Several years back at Christmas time, Allen was decking the halls and trimming the holiday tree with Tressa. He made a dedication on PillowTalk at the time. When their song came on the...
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