Our Companions January Pets of the Month

Allan, Mike & Mary welcome Susan Linker and furbabies for another year on Lite 100.5 WRCH! Let's meet Cosmo & Roxi! COSMO Cosmo wants to come play! If you’re looking for an active, fun-loving companion, Cosmo may be the boy for you. He loves company, playing with his interactive toys, and...
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WATCH: Two Young Girls Rescued After Being Swept Out To Sea On Inflatable Swan

Two little girls in England were enjoying the early days of summer with their family at the shore, just floating on their inflatable swan. Dad was keeping a close eye on the two, and even tightly holding on to a line that was connected to the swan. However, as the winds picked up, Dad lost his grip...
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Dog Found Swimming 136 Miles off the Coast of Thailand

A dog is safe and sound after being found swimming off the coast of Thailad. A group of workers on the Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production oil rig were shocked to spot a dog out in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand, about 136 miles from the nearest land. The rig’s crew was quick to call to...
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black and white kitten

Kitten Makes Full Recovery After Being Tossed Around In A Washing Machine

A six-month-old kitten narrowly escaped with her life when she accidentally got caught in a washing machine. Poppy's owner, Kim Burr, was getting some laundry done. After starting the washing machine cycle and heading to bed, Burr recalls the moment she realized she hadn’t seen Poppy in a while...
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