School Principal Faces Backlash After Taking Pizzas From Student Party

It’s the Grinch who stole the pizzas! An Iowa principal has apologized after removing pizzas that had already been delivered for a student holiday party organized by one of the teachers, reported “ Today .” School principal faces backlash after taking pizzas away from student party
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Gross School Experiment Shows Students the Effects of Not Washing Their Hands

A school has used moldy bread to show its students how important it is to wash your hands. The month-long classroom experiment was carried out by two teachers at Discovery Elementary School in Idaho Falls, Idaho just as the height of flu season was set to begin, reported “Today.” Gross! School...
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How One School District Is Eliminating Snow Days

A school district in South Carolina has found a way to get rid of snow days, and not lose a day of school. Anderson School District 5 will instead provide students with Google Chromebook devices. The devices will be loaded in advance with assignments for children in grades 3-12, so the kids won't...
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