Good Reasons To Let Your Dog Sleep On Your Bed With You

If your dog sleeps on your bed with you at night, you could be improving your health.
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Dr. Ducharme’s Blog December 2, 2019 Importance of Sleep

The holiday season is here. If we look at photos of beautifully decorated homes, fabulous meals and perfectly dressed families we might think it is easy to have a picture perfect holiday. The reality, however, is that perfection is difficult or impossible to achieve and even just navigating...
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4 Hours Of Sleep Per Night Could Become The New Norm

A new study done at the University of California - San Francisco shows that the ability some people have to function properly on as little as four hours of sleep per night, is likely due to a DNA mutation. The study was conducted by Ying-Hui Fu and her colleagues who analyzed the genes of 12...
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Foods That Will Help You Sleep Better

We all know how sleepy we get after Thanksgiving dinner. For starters, we generally eat a lot, which makes us tired. Then there's the turkey. More specifically it's the tryptophan found in turkey. It's an essential amino acid that the body changes into serotonin, a relaxing neurotransmitter, then...
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It's National Napping Day

Feeling a little sluggish after the time change? Go ahead, put your head down and catch a few z's. It is National Napping Day , after all. Created in 1999 by a Boston University professor and his wife to highlight the health benefits of napping, National Napping Day is observed every March 11th. I...
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Sleep Better By Rocking

A study published in the February 4th edition of Current Biology shows that adults can benefit from rocking themselves to sleep, much the same way we rock a baby to sleep. Adults who were rocked to sleep, not only fell asleep faster than those who didn't, but they slept deeper and more restfully...
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The Best Color To Paint Your Bedroom For A Good Night's Sleep

If you're having trouble sleeping at night, try painting your bedroom. Not just any color will do the trick. According to the National Sleep Foundation , the best color for optimal sleeping conditions is: BLUE! It has to do with receptors in your eyes that are responsible for regulating your body...
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Mattress Firm to Launch New Fall Internship at BEDQuarters

Mattress Firm may just have created your dream job. Starting this Fall, the company is giving students the opportunity to become their first-ever Snoozetern.
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