Spring Celebrations Around The World

In Chichen Itza, Mexico (pictured) thousands gather at the Kulkulkan Pyramid . As spring nears, the sun creates a shadow that looks like a snake sliding down the northern staircase. At Stonehenge, England , pagans, druids and tourists watch the picturesque sunrise at the prehistoric monument. India...
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Free Ice Cream For The First Day Of Spring

Spring officially arrives at 5:58 p.m. on Wednesday, March 20th! And in honor of that, Dairy Queen is giving away free ice cream all day! You can get a free small vanilla soft-serve cone at participating, non-mall locations. Only one per person. “We love that our tradition of Free Cone Day has...
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Tree Pollen For Everyone

If you've been sneezing or coughing or have had trouble breathing lately, it could be from all the pollen that's been in the air. Any rain we get will certainly help knock it off the trees and out of the air. But what can you do about it in the meantime? Here are some ideas to help you get through...
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Top Looks For Spring (Yes... It's Coming)

Spring is here... at least with fashion! lol
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