Former Security Guard Is Now a Medical Student at the Same Hospital

A former security guard came back to the hospital where he used to work, but this time as a medical student fighting on the coronavirus front lines.
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Lady Gaga Financing Classroom Projects In Areas Recently Hit By Violence

Lady Gaga announced that along with her Born This Way Foundation and , they will be providing resources for projects in 162 classrooms in Ohio , Texas , and California where recent shootings left dozens dead, and more injured. Posting on social media, Gaga's reason for donating...
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One State Is Making It Harder For Students To Receive A Failing Grade

A bill proposed in the North Carolina legislature would change the grading system to a 15-point scale instead of the current 10-point system, which is commonly used in most states. That means, an "F" or failing grade would drop from 60-percent correct, to 40-percent. Under the new scale system, an...
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