Rise In Teen Depression Possibly Linked To Screen Time

A study done at San Diego State University found the percentage of teens and young adults experiencing depression, suicidal thoughts, and general malase has increased significantly over the last ten years. While those feelings have also increased among those older than 26, it wasn't nearly as much...
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Cell Phone Use Linked To Teen Depression

A study published in Clinical Psychological Science , found that increases in suicide, suicide attempts and depression were found in teens from every background including races, ethnicities and social class. Researchers found between 2010-2015, the number of U.S. teens who felt useless and joyless...
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Parents Can Now Rent Drug-Sniffing Dogs for Their Homes

There's a new option for parents to find out if their kids are in the possession of any illegal substances. Yes, parents in Kansas City, MO can call on the dogs to help them find out if their kids are doing drugs. The new service is offered through a business called Metro K-9 Detective Services...
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