Keep Yourself From Getting Sick This Winter

Tips for preventing an illness.
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Are You Washing Those Reusable Grocery Bags? You should!

Since the ban on plastic bags went into effect here in Connecticut , you need to remember to bring those reusable bags with you when you go to the grocery store. Once you've committed that to part of your muscle memory, you can't forget to clean those bags, too. Those cloth bags can serve as a...
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Taking A Daily Walk May Be A Good Resolution For 2020

If you're thinking about resolutions for the new year, you may want to consider taking a 30 minute walk everyday. Here are some benefits of doing just that, compiled from various resources: Improves digestion and reduced risk of colon cancer. Strengthens joints, bones, and muscles. Improves heart...
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Tips To Take The Stress Out Of Your Holidays

We can all get a little overwhelmed this time of year. So much to get done, in a finite amount of time. But it's important to try to enjoy the holiday season, as well. Try these tips to take some stress out of your life, courtesy of the Mayo Clinic . Acknowledge your feelings . If someone close to...
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Cure A Cough With Chocolate

Researchers at Imperial College in London found that theobromine, an alkaloid in cocoa, is better at suppressing the urge to cough than codeine; an established ingredient in cough medicines. And now, the results of the largest real-world study of an over-the-counter cough remedy ever undertaken in...
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The Best Ways To Feel Better When You Catch A Cold

It's getting to be that time of year. We're spending more time inside, and the weather's turning colder, and you're bound to catch a cold. While there's no cure for the common cold, there are some things you can do to ease your misery. These tips are from the Mayo Clinic : Stay hydrated - Water,...
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Catching A Cold From The Cold

There's a good chance your mother, or your father, or your grandmother would tell you to bundle up, because you don't want to catch a cold. But that isn't how you get sick, you get sick from a virus. My dad would say the cold weather lowers your immunity, so you're more susceptible to a virus. It...
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The Best Color To Paint Your Bedroom For A Good Night's Sleep

If you're having trouble sleeping at night, try painting your bedroom. Not just any color will do the trick. According to the National Sleep Foundation , the best color for optimal sleeping conditions is: BLUE! It has to do with receptors in your eyes that are responsible for regulating your body...
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Get Sick For Cash And Vacation

Would you willingly expose yourself to the flu for some extra cash? How about $3,500 and a free hotel stay? That's what a college in St. Louis is offering anyone who's daring enough to do just that. Saint Louis University has converted part of its former hotel in the Salus Center into a 24-room...
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Some Manicures Could Cause Skin Cancer

You're probably not concerned with contracting skin cancer when you go to get your nails done. But perhaps you should be. 20-year-old Karolina Jasko , who will be competing in the Miss USA Pageant tonight, knows first-hand just how possible it is to get melanoma at the salon. Two years ago, after a...
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